People’s Republic April Newsletter

By Kelly Wright

Upcoming Calendar of Sunday Events (12:30pm @ My Parents’ Basement)

May 5th – Draft

May 12th – Draft (Mother’s Day)

May 19st – Draft May 26th – Draft Jun 2nd – Draft Jun 9th - Prerelease @ Store of your choice (Modern Horizons) Jun 16th – Modern Horizons Draft – Tentative (Father’s Day) Jun 23rd – Draft

Jun 30th - Draft (War of the Spark Farewell)


New Location Update

My Parents' Basement has been an excellent change in location, attracting many new players. We couldn’t ask for a better fit for the People’s Republic.


Player of the Year Award Update

For the first time, we're tracking event attendance and results for a Player of the Year award. Over 50 individual players have attended events so far this year, which is the most growth the group has ever seen! There are 8 months left to earn points before the winner is presented at the Annual Secret Santa Pauper Commander event in December.

Points earned for drafts/limited events:

3 – Round Win

1 – Participation

3 – Bring a new player

Top 20 Standings as of April


I wish you all the best at your War of the Spark pre-release events! See you soon!

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