People’s Republic January 2019 Newsletter

By Kelly Wright

I hope everyone had a wonder holiday and is excited to embark upon 2019! There are many exciting developments with the People's Republic for the coming year, including a Player of the Year award!

Upcoming Calendar of Sunday Events (12:30pm @ Diesel Filling Station)

Jan 6th – Draft Jan 13th – Farewell Guilds of Ravnica Draft Jan 20th – Prerelease - Ravnica Allegiance Jan 27th – Draft Feb 3rd – Draft Feb 10th – Signature Event: Two Headed Giant: Battle for Ravnica! (Ravnica Allegiance) Feb 17th – Draft Feb 24th – Cube (TBD) Mar 3rd – Draft Mar 10th – Guild Wars Tournament (Themed pack wars) Mar 17th – Supplemental Set?? (TBD by WOTC announcement) Mar 24th - Draft Mar 31st – EDH


Player of the Year Award

Have you ever wondered which member of the Republic is the best among the best? This year, we’re going to find out with a Player of the Year award! Points will be accumulated based on event attendance and record. Monthly leaderboard standings will be published in the newsletter and the winner will be presented at the Annual Secret Santa Pauper Commander event in December.

Points earned for normal drafts/limited events:

3 – Round Win

1 – Participation

3 – Bring a new player!

Points will also be distributed for other events, such as EDH/Cube. That info will be included in the event pages.

You have 12 months to prove you're the #1 Person of the People's Republic and I can’t wait to see how the battle unfolds!


See you on Sunday!

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