People’s Republic July Newsletter

By Kelly Wright

Upcoming Calendar of Sunday Events (12:30pm @ My Parents’ Basement)

Jul 14th – Draft Jul 21st - 2 Headed Giant Jul 28th – Signature Event: Summertime Madness Chaos Draft! Aug 4th – Draft

Aug 11th – Modern "Swap til ya Drop" (proxy friendly)

Aug 18th - Draft Aug 25th – Commander 2019 Celebration! Sep 1st – Draft Sep 8th – Cube & Commander Sep 15th – Draft (Core 2020 Farewell) Sep 22nd – MagicFest Atlanta (no event) Sep 29th - Prerelease @ Store of your choice (“Archery”)

Player of the Year Award Update

Player of the Year award points are accumulated based on event attendance and record. Top point earners will be invited to participate in a year-end chaos draft, celebrating all of the sets released in 2019!

Top Standings as of July

Points earned for normal drafts/limited events:

3 – Round Win

1 – Participation

3 – Bring a new player

See you soon!

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