People’s Republic October 2018 Newsletter

By Kelly Wright

I hope everyone had a wonderful time at prereleases this past weekend. Our Atlanta MTG community continues to grow, so we will be publishing a monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop!

Upcoming Calendar of Sunday Events (12:30pm @ Diesel Filling Station)

Oct 7th - Draft Oct 14th - Draft

Oct 21nd – Guild Theme Booster Sealed Event Oct 28th - Draft Nov 4th – Grand Prix Atlanta - Modern Nov 11th – Draft Nov 18th - Cube (Chaos Cube by Josh)

Nov 25th – EDH & Brawl (Thanksgiving) Dec 2nd - Draft Dec 9th - Draft Dec 16th – Year End Celebration: Pauper Secret Santa! Dec 23th – Holiday Break Dec 30st – Set of the Year Draft (TBD by group vote)

As we head into the final quarter of 2018, there a few special announcements and changes to our standard procedures.

Draft Prize Payout

Prize payout for our standard drafts will be increased to have a set payout based on record.

3-0 = 3 packs

2-1 = 2 packs

This change is a welcomed improvement that eliminates any uncertainty when it comes to prize pool distribution. In order to increase the number of prize packs, the price of drafts will be increased to $13.


End of Year Celebration

Our end of year celebration will be December 16th. We’ll be making a very exciting announcement at the event, so I hope many of you are able to attend. There are sure to be some new, fun pauper commanders in the recent sets, so start thinking about building your decks ASAP!


T-Shirts for Grand Prix Atlanta

Grand Prix Atlanta (November 4th) is a great time to represent the People’s Republic by wearing one of our awesome t-shirts! I am offering a $5 discount on all clothing items during the month of October. There are very limited supplies of some items, especially the hoodies, so place your order ASAP.

See you on Sunday!

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