People’s Republic October Newsletter

By Kelly Lambert

Summer is finally behind us, so it’s time for some important announcements as we start to wrap up 2019.

Upcoming Calendar of Sunday Events (12:30pm @ My Parents’ Basement)

Oct 27th – Draft Nov 3rd – 2 Headed Giant – Throne of Eldraine Nov 10th – Modern Horizons Draft Nov 17th – Draft Nov 24th – Draft Dec 1st – Cube/EDH (Thanksgiving) Dec 8th - Draft Dec 15th – Year End Celebration: Pauper Secret Santa! Dec 22nd – Invitational Event - Sets of the Year Chaos Draft Dec 29th – Holiday Break

Membership Milestone

I’m happy to announce that The People’s Republic now has more than 500 members! I have also logged 76 unique players at our draft events, earning points for Player of the Year. It takes constant growth to keep a group like this alive, as active players naturally ebb and flow. Please keep spreading the word and inviting new players to Sunday events. We look forward to seeing new faces each week!

As the group has grown beyond 500 members, I am no longer able to invite all members to events. Facebook only allows me to invite my friends, so in order to ensure you see all available events, please send me a friend request or regularly check our event listings on Facebook or the website.

End of Year Celebration

Our end of year celebration will be December 15th, so it is time to start building your pauper EDH secret santa decks! Be sure to check out the “Naughty List” of banned commanders from last year. The full list of banned commanders can be found on the event page. This event is always the highlight of the year, so I hope you’ll be able to attend and look forward to celebrating another awesome year with the People’s Republic.

Invitational Event

The People’s Republic will host an Invitational “Sets of the Year” event on December 22nd that gives our most battle-hardened members one last chance to go head-to-head in 2019. All players who have 57 or more points after the December 8th draft will be invited.

This draft will include packs from all sets released in 2019:

- Ravnica Allegiance

- War of the Spark

- Modern Horizons

- Core 2020

- Throne of Eldraine

All players will receive one pack of modern horizons. Entry fee is $13 and 1st place receives 2 free drafts. Prize payout will be increased based on attendance.

Player of the Year Award Update

Have you ever wondered which member of the Republic is the best among the best? This year, we’re going to find out with a Player of the Year award! Points have been accumulated based on event attendance and record.

Players with 20+ points as of October 20th:

You still have a few months to climb the ranks before the winner will be presented at the Annual Secret Santa Pauper Commander event in December.

Points earned for normal drafts/limited events:

3 – Round Win

1 – Participation

3 – Bring a new player

See you on Sunday!

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