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Hello everyone, and welcome! You’ve found your way to the first-ever post of The Republic Dispatch, the official blog of People’s Republic MTG! I’m John, and I’m proud to be spearheading this project backed by the rest of my People’s Republic fam - I really feel like I just started my turn and am holding a grip of cards that are nothing but gas.

I’d say some introductions are in order here at the beginning of all things, first one to the People’s Republic. We’re a group of Magic: The Gathering players centered around intown Atlanta. Founded roughly six years ago with key contributions from many (chief among them one Jeremy Abernathy), we have been, are and will always be an inviting and diverse bunch of folks who love the company of good friends and the act of slinging spells as part of the best trading card game ever invented. For years, we held weekly events - mostly drafts, but also plenty of EDH, Cube and more - at Manuel’s Tavern, and have recently moved to Diesel Filling Station. If we sound like the kind of people you’d like to play with, check out our Facebook page here!

John McCurdy, Editor of The Republic Dispatch

Then, I suppose there’s me. I’m a writer and editor by trade (I currently work in magazine editing) and an Atlanta lifer. I started playing Magic when I was roughly 12 - think Invasion block era, and you’re not too far off. I took a long (and now regretted) break from the game from 2003 to 2014, but came back strong with the release of Khans of Tarkir and synced up with the People’s Republic shortly after the KTK prerelease. In terms of play, I love Limited most of all - some say I’m the Sealed format’s biggest fan, but you won’t find me turning down a Draft, either - and I’ve also been known to dabble in Standard and Modern. My style is certainly that of a “Johnny” (to use Mark Rosewater’s player psychographics), and I appreciate cards in both the “Melvin” and “Vorthos” senses, though likely more the former than the latter.

That is, however, most certainly enough about me; besides, my writing here will certainly tell you more about me than you’ll ever want to know. Speaking of “here,” though, that’s The Republic Dispatch. We intend for this to serve as an entertaining resource on the game as seen through multiple angles. You’ll see posts on everything from improving your Limited game and the evolution of the Modern metagame to reminisces of times and events past and hot takes on Magic’s lore. After all, a blog by and about a group as colorful and varied as we are could only be a happy hodgepodge of Magic-related content.

Manic Scribe | Art by: Matthew Stewart

That being said, we do intend to establish certain regular voices and columns that you can come to know and look forward to. One of the names you’ll come to know is Doug Lambert, a good friend and one of our most skilled players. His posts will no doubt cover various topics, but they’ll most frequently be about getting better, playing at a high level and properly analyzing and preparing for formats. You can check out his first piece, covering the complicated Krark-Clan Ironworks combo deck in Modern and its place in the metagame, later this week.

There will also be me, of course. I intend to provide some insight on playing Constructed formats on a budget, as well as tales from my quest to “level up” and become a better player. I am also a huge consumer of Magic content in general, so I hope to also curate a steady supply of recommendations for those looking to enjoy the game more in their own unique ways.

As for our other writers - well, they could be any of our fine People’s Republic denizens, new or old. The call is out now to current members who want to contribute, but whether you’ve been led here by one of our cohorts or stumbled upon the Dispatch by chance, we encourage you to reach out to us on Facebook, join us for an event and explore the opportunity!

And that about wraps up this little letter - thank you for reading, and get ready for more from People’s Republic MTG!

- John McCurdy

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